Ruminate connects you to the most valuable people & things in your life

Ruminate makes lamps do more than light your life... now they add to it


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

What is Ruminate?

Ruminate transforms the lamp already in your home into a connected, sensing, and communication device. Your lamps do more than simply light your life, they can connect to the most valuable people & things in your life.

While Ruminate does learn how you use your lamp, this isn't simply about switching a light off and on. Ruminate connects you with your home to make your life easier by giving you peace of mind when you're away. We do this through remote controls, notifications, and information. What this leads to transforms how you interact with your home, family, and life.

Ruminate does all of this via a convenient lamp adapter which allows you to continue to use most any light fixture you’d like. The device just blends in with your environment and Ruminate makes your life easier.




privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

How Can I Use Ruminate?

There's a lot to be said for a connected smart lamp which watches your home’s environment and notifies you when you request. It's almost like you have a guardian sitting in a room so you don't have to worry about things when you're not there.

  • 1

    Automated On/Off

    Isn’t it nice to go to bed & not have worry about the light?

Ruminate knows when someone is present in a room or not. It knows when you get up in morning and go to bed at night. Further, it can turn off and on when you leave for work and get home in evening. The device can change how bright the light should be based on ambient light. Plus, Ruminate learns over time to further refine when you need light and when you don't. Further, if you're on vacation you can simply tell the lamp to turn on like it usually does and the light will behave like you're there. Then you return a week later it automatically goes back to normal.

  • 2

    People Detection

    Is someone at home? You’ll know.

Ruminate can notify you if someone enters your home. You’ll be notified when someone is in your house and shouldn't be. Or better, it can notify you when no one is there and they should be. The dogs haven't been walked for 8 hours? The kids didn't get off the school bus on time? Has someone watered the plants or fed the fish today? Install one in your elderly parents' house and rest assured that they are still getting around.

  • 3

    Temperature Changes

    What’s the temperature at home?

Ruminate feels when it is hot and cold. If your lamp sends you an email if your home’s temperature is below—say 50 degrees—you could call your furnace repair man to check it out instead of calling the plumber to fix the frozen pipes. Or on the flip side, if the temperature gets above 90 degrees, you could have your Air Conditioning turn on since your lamp speaks to your smart thermostat (like Nest).

  • 4

    Something's Different

    Smart senses work with and for you.

Ruminate monitors your home environment and learns patterns, so it can help you determine if something is not right. For example, Ruminate senses the faint sharp spike of a car door slam followed closely by the house door opening as you come in from the garage. It turns the light on so when you come in with your arms full of groceries you can see the skateboard loving left in the middle of the floor.

Get Customized Notifcations

You are able to easily set the conditions for your lamps to provide you notifications.

Sensors & Features

Created with you & your life in mind

Easy Setup & Use

Setting up your lamp is super easy. Just select the time you want to monitor, what should the lamp be looking for, and what it should do. You can go over to the dashboard right now to get started.

Having the internet in your lamps allows you to easily program them with our mobile app or any web browsers. On your local network you can simply type ruminate.local. into your browser and have full control of your lamp when you're in your house. When you're away, you can come to the Ruminate dashboard. Either way you can see what has been going on.

Live in the future

Ruminate’s sensors allows it to knows when you are in the room and what times it should be on. There's also a simple touch sensor to turn the lamp off and on. Ruminate includes an Arm Cortex M4 processor like you find in smartphones. WiFi allows it to talk to the world. But hardware was the easy part. Ruminate was made so it can learn how you like your light. The lamp then uses that feedback to understand where it went wrong and next time it will try to do better.

Works with your connected home

Ruminate make your Nest, Apple Homekit, or other connected home platform work better. For instance, connecting your Ruminate enabled lamp with your Nest Thermostat broadens the sensors network so it can better determine when you are home. This is especially helpful if your thermostat is in an out of the way place or maybe the thermostat is upstairs and you're downstairs. You can now spend all day downstairs where your lamp is located and your Nest will know you're home. Plus, when the Nest is set to away the linkage will keep your Ruminate lamp off.

Why Ruminate? Why Now?

  • Simplify Life

    Ruminate allows your lamps do more than light your life

  • Peace of Mind

    Ruminate is your guardian when you aren’t home

  • Get Notified

    Ruminate will provide you useful notifications

  • Easy

    Easy setup & daily use… it just works

Be the first to get Ruminate

Ruminate is not yet for sell, but we are looking for interested parties to beta test the offering. Soon after, we'll be providing opportunities for everyone to purchase. Sign up for our email list to be kept in the loop on Ruminate's progress and be considered to help us test in Fall 2015!


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

About Ruminate

Ruminate is a tech startup located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a mission to connect you to the most valuable people & things in your life.

Support & Questions

If you have questions about our offerings or wish to suggest new features please email:

If you are having troubles with your Ruminate please send us an email:


Ruminate is in active development with some noted features not yet fully implemented. Initial product launch is anticipated early in 2016 and the feature roadmap will be determined at that time based on beta testing and customer feedback.